Getting started with Kanelbulle!

You just got the most HYPE bot on Discord, let's get this party started.

First things first, there are two diffrent versions of Kanelbulle, the Public one(Kanelbulle Mini) and the whitelist only one(Kanelbulle). Kanelbulle Mini is currently offline - please check back later. However if your server IS whitelisted, the server owner/admin will have access to the #kanelbulle-get-started channel, please use the link found there. Once this part is done, proceed. So if you're reading this, Kanelbulle has most likely been added to your awesome server, Congrats!

Kanelbulle automagically knows the best preferences for most Discords so you'll most likely not need to tinker around there, if you're for some reason not satisfied with your Kanelbulle experience and what to configurate certain settings, shoot me a DM, (tristanfarkas#0001) and we'll together have a look what unique requirements your server might need :)

If you're ready to procceed you can now go to the next page.